The Universal Language

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What People Are Saying
About 'The Universal Language'

  • "I saw The Universal Language with great pleasure and I hope it will have the success it deserves. If it is shown in TV channels it could bring many people to think further about Esperanto. Some people in Copenhagen expressed the view that a more propagandistic film should have been made. They don’t realize that the strength of an objective film is greater."
    – Renato Corsetti
  • "It’s quite a nice film, and I'd especially recommend it to anyone interested in Esperanto’s history."
    – Chuck Smith
  • "If the test of a universal language is whether it speaks to us all, then The Universal Language passes the test with flying colors."
    – Esther Schor
  • "It's a great contribution to Esperanto movement."
    – Tone aka Antonio Moreira Filho
  • "What a fabulous work! I didn’t expect such high quality. I'm totally sure that this is the best documentary about Esperanto I’ve ever seen."
    – Leo Sakaguchi

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