Sam Green films - combo pack!

For $50 you get four DVDs: The Weather Underground, The Rainbow Man/John 3:16, plus lot 63, grave c and Utopia Part 3: the World's Largest Shopping Mall. A mind-bogglingly good deal!

lot 63, grave c is a new 10 minute documentary about Meredith Hunter, the teenager who was killed by Hell’s Angels at the Rolling Stones' notorious Altamont concert in 1969. Altamont came to symbolize for many the end of the 1960s—the end of a hopeful era. Meredith Hunter was a mystery then, and now has been all but forgotten.

Utopia Part 3: the World's Largest Shopping Mall tells the fantastic story the world's largest mall in Southern China. The South China Mall is a pean to spectacle, global capitalism, and consumption—but with a surprise twist. Where are the shoppers?


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